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A New Challenge: Behavioural Analysis Of 6-DOF User When Consuming Immersive Media


Viewing paradigm in 3- and 6-DoF VR.


Thanks to recent advances in computer graphics, wearable technology, and connectivity, Virtual Reality (VR) has landed in our daily life. A key novelty in VR is the role of the user, which has turned from merely passive to entirely active. Thus, improving any aspect of the coding-delivery-rendering chain starts with the need for understanding user behaviour. To do so, we investigate the navigation trajectories of users within a 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) VR environment. Specifically, we investigate the main differences and similarities between 3 and 6-DoF navigation through existing methodologies adopted to study user behaviour in 3-DoF settings. Our simulation results, based on real navigation paths of users while displaying dynamic volumetric media in 6-DoF conditions, show the limitations of clustering algorithms for 3-DoF in assessing user similarity in 6-DoF. Given these observations, we state the need for developing new solutions for the analysis of 6-DoF trajectories.


Silvia Rossi | Irene Viola | Laura Toni | Pablo Cesar


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